From Living walls and billboards to eco stamps and crop circles, we are here to help bring nature to your messaging

Living Media

Natural Media

The images above represent projects that were made with plants, sand, snow, dust (the Mona Lisa), solar, chocolate, light, soil, and earth-friendly chalk that naturally washes off during rain

Video: Living Lenticular Billboards

From our greenhouse to public displays in Chicago

Video: Horizontal Mural Made With Leaves

A memory to one of the greatest coaches of basketball #ForFlip

Video: Horizontal Mural Time-lapse

For the grand-opening of a Whole Foods store in the Twin Cities

Video: Snow Mural

For a green awards show in down-town Philadelphia

Video: Guerilla Marketing*

Executed in 10 markets around the US, using our proprietary earth-friendly eco-stamps

*No parking lot got hurt in this campaign

Video: Horizontal Snow Mural

Executed in various forms across the US’ northern regions

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